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Christian Felber visited the US between the 13th and the 22nd September 2016, on a tour that took him from the west to the east coast via Montana to spread the word on the Economy for the Common Good and make key connections. 

Here you can find the report of this fascinating trip: link here

European Tour (ongoing):

For German-speaking events in Germany, Austria and Switzerland please visit Christian's Webpage here

European Tour (from May 2016 on):

For German-speaking events please visit Christian's Webpage here

American Tour  2017:


  • December 15th-19th Argentina: 
    • December 15th, 13:00, Córdoba: La Economía del Bien Común
    • December 16th, 17:00, Colonia Belgrano
    • December 17th, 17:00 Rosario
    • December 18th, San Francisco
    • December 19th, La Plata















American Tour  2016: