The Economy for the Common Good has been published in 9 languages and sold 80.000 copies so far. Besides, Christian has written, co-authored or coordinated another 15 books:

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2016 Publications in the US:

28/09/16 - Impact Alpha: An Economy for the Common Good: Building a Balance Sheet for Companies' Impact 

20/09/16 - The Havre Daily News: Austrian Activist Discusses Capitalistic Failure

14/09/16 - Gratitude Gourmet: Change Everything - Creating an Economy for the Common Good

05/09/16 - EarthTalk: Ethical Trade Not Protectionism is the Answer to Trade Agreement Concerns

25/08/16 - Entrepreneur:  “Worried About Free Trade? Let’s Strive for Ethical Trade Instead.”

24/08/16 - Huffington Post “Repurposing the Economy Can Help Stem The Tide of Terror.”, published as well on:


09/07/16 - “Economy Needs Fundamental Reorientation Focusing on Common Good Using a Common Good Approach

06/07/16 - Triple Pundit, Interview:  “The Impact of Brexit On A Sustainable Future.”

03/07/16 - AlterNet:  “Why Brexit Could Be a Terrible Idea For The Environment.”

Many more articles available here - most of them in German and Spanish.
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